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Our interactive programs will take you, step by step, through the process of examining your own listening and communication style; finding your strengths and areas to be developed; learning how to practice and strengthen your ability to listen and communicate effectively.

Each program provides one-on-one instruction and a personalized approach to support you to implement  valuable structures that you'll use the rest of your life.


The Institute for Global Listening and Communication programs are open to individuals and groups. On-site listening, communication and coach training is provided for corporations as well.

Each of these programs is designed to deliver several or all nine tools of empowered/mindful listening, enabling participants to forge stronger relationships professionally and personally through listening and communication skills geared toward positive and productive outcomes.


Through these programs participants will:

*Experience the difference empowered/mindful listening can make in daily life.

*Learn what "triggers" impact the ability to mindfully listen.


*Discover the distractions that cause stress.

*Develop a sense of clarity in their work,personal,and family life.


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At The Institute for Global Listening and Communication, our programs are based on the nine (9) tools of Empowered/Mindful Listening and these nine (9) tools are the foundation for effective listening and communication.




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