Institute for Global Listening and Communication

What We Do?

The Institute Teaches
Empowered/Mindful Listening! 

We do that by:

Assisting individuals,groups and companies to discover the "filters" they use to color, sort - and often distort - what they hear and how they experience other people by identifying the nine (9) tools of empowered/mindful listening.

 This identification enables participants to break free from old patterns of listening and develop new ones by a step by step demonstration on how to practice and apply to their daily lives, the nine (9) empowered/mindful tools they've learned.

 As a result, this method of  "empowered/mindful listening" isn't something learned in a seminar once. Instead it's a lifelong approach for how to listen and communicate more effectively with others.

 This approach allows participants to come away with vastly improved listening and communication skills in order to address a myriad of challenges that occur in coaching, leadership, couples, family, and work-related issues.

 It also increases the participants' ability to embrace diversity, and increase creativity, performance and productivity.
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