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Meet Dr. McCall 
The Founder 
Dr. Carol McCall, is recognized as a highly accomplished Social Psychologist and Master Certified Coach, M.C.C. qualified by The International Coach Federation-ICF, with five decades of combined experience in Education, Psychotherapy and Personal Performance Enhancement, with a specific expertise in listening dynamics, communication skills, coach training, life development and performance training.
A dynamic teacher, motivational leader and mentor with exceptional interpersonal, team-building and presentation skills, Dr. McCall continually demonstrates success in creating and delivering client-specific programs and course curriculum that significantly enhance productivity that drive personal, professional and corporate revenues.
As a pioneer in her field of listening, communication and coaching, Dr. McCall is a thought leader who is innovative with a positive and empowering attitude, strong entrepreneurial spirit, and special talent for transforming ideas and conceptual strategies into personal and professional achievement.

Author of the book, Listen! There's A World Waiting To Be Heard., Dr. McCall is best known for her unique listening skills and her "laser" coaching ability that quickly moves people to turn their desires into commitment, action, results and profitability.
Listed as one of the top-rated speakers in the country and abroad, she has reached over 2 million people through her lectures, seminars, coach training, books and tape series. She has been recognized as a respected veteran leader, coach and trainer in both the MLM and private business sectors since 1990. 
Dr. McCall has been delivering positive impact leadership training and communication solutions to such prestigious companies as AT&T (USA), Bayer Corporation (Canada), GE Capital-Corporate Financial Systems Division (USA) Amdahl - HR Division (California), and Unilever - Home Products Division (So. Africa). 

In addition to creating and developing such successful works as, The Listening Course, The Possibility of Woman    (POWsm) workshops,  The Empowerment of Listening tape series, now in MP3 format, she has recently completed executive production of  a television pilot.  Dr. McCall has also dedicated her life to developing some of the most stellar training programs in the world, including her most recent--  Life Development Coach in Communication, LDCCsm coach training program,  which is in the process of  accreditation from the International Coach Federation, ICF.

Her goal is to assist organizations to develop their systems that provide in-the-moment structures that support their people resulting in enhanced listening and communication skills, improved job effectiveness, healthier client customer service, higher levels of efficiency, and better productivity, profitability and well being.
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