Institute for Global Listening and Communication

The Introduction to The Practice Of Mindful Listening Program

In six (6) weeks, 30 minutes each week, you'll be coached through six (6) steps:

*  setup and implement a practice structure to face challenging communications through mindful listening;

*  practice "in-the-moment" actions to achieve your goals;

*  discover how you cause the daily stress in your personal and professional life;

*  increase your ability to mindfully listen to any communication, any time under any situation;

*  discover the "words to avoid" that reduce conflict and increase mindful listening;

*  unlock the hidden patterns that sabotage your ability to mindfully listen; 

There's nothing to do or "prepare". 
This program is customized to address your unique needs
The two items to bring are your willingness and cooperation.  
Come ready to transform your personal and professional life 
impact the lives of others through the practice of mindful listening!


MODULE I Review of The Listening Analysis - Set Up A Practice Structure For Mindful Listening

MODULE II Increasing Your Ability To Practice In-The-Moment Actions To Achieve Your Goals

MODULE III Discovery Of The Cause Of Your Daily Stress 

MODULE IV Increasing Your Ability To Mindfully Listen To any Communication
Any Time Under Any Situation

MODULE V Discovering The "Words To Avoid" That Reduce Conflict And Increase Mindful Listening

MODULE VI Pulling It All Together-The Practice Of Becoming A Mindful Listener 

Special Cost => $297.00 USD