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"There are incredible people in this world, and then there are people like Carol McCall who elevate the word incredible to an even higher level.

Carol and I worked together in the coach training business back in the late 1980s and while I was an accountant trying to be like a coach, Carol was a coach from the very beginning and has continued to be so over the years. Carol = Coach. It's as simple as that. She's natural, caring, willing, fearless and capable.

Carol is a model of coaching and I love and respect her very much."

(The late) Thomas J. Leonard
Founder, CoachU and,

The International Coach Federation (ICF)

"Alongside Thomas Leonard, Carol McCall was a pioneer in the coaching profession back in the late '80s. She was an influential part of my early years in coaching and many of her lessons still serve me today. Carol is a coach's coach."

Sandy Vilas
President, CoachU and

"I can - without doubt or quesiton - lay the "blame" for my manifesting my potential to make a positive difference in the world at the feet of Carol McCall.  Before I worked with Carol, I pushed and pushed at the door to success.  She taught me to stop, look and listen.  Lo and Behold! The sign on the door said "Pull".  No other person, no other technology has had such a profound impact on my work and life as Carol McCall and The Empowerment of Listening".

John Milton Fogg

Author of The Greatest Networker in the World

Former Founder, Chairman - Upline Magazine

"In all my considerable years of practice of psychology, I have not encountered a course so powerful in changing actual behavior.  In this case, listening - and not only listening, but also speakingthe truth, my practice has changed such that I can do better work in far less time, my other business endeavors are thriving better than ever and my personal life is delightfully fine-tuned.  I am clear that my ability to listen differently than before is a large part of my success.  Carol McCall's work is uniformly outstanding!"

Patricia Allen Brown, PhD

Former Delegate to the United Nations

Founder and CEO, The Psychological Advantage

"Dr. Carol McCall delivered an impactful and educational webinar "Do You Think You're a Good Listener" to UCLA Anderson School of Management to help students and alumni discover a personal listening style and learn how listening styles affect communication. Discovering the styles of listening and using these skills will strengthen communication skills and therefore impact career success. Alumni commented that they will use the lessons of the webinar and use the scripts presented to start working on new alternative listening skills. "

Kathy Ullrich
MBA 1992
Associate Director, Alumni Career Services
UCLA Anderson School of Management
"I have worked and been involved with Dr. Carol McCall's performance coaching curriculum over the past eight years. 
Dr. McCall's strategy incorporates a laser like approach that is extremely effective in assessing root cause. Dr. McCall's program addresses specific areas of improvement which allowed me to improve my overall performance and the performance of others.
The two impactful lessons that radically shifted my leadership style and behavior were: Holding team leaders capable, not just accountable, allowed me develop a team that addressed and overcame significant business challenges. The team was able to support a 57% increase in volume, an increased level of complexity in the delivered product, all while incurring a 20% decrease in headcount support.
Unfiltered listening removed bias and resulted in creative solutions addressing complex client concerns. Listening without a predetermined answer allowed new ideas to germinate and develop a constructively creative atmosphere. The result is an enthusiastic and aggressive team that acknowledged and discussed concerns, and then pressed towards successful resolutions.
The additional benefits to working with Dr. McCall was in cultivating an ability to quickly assess a situation, develop alternatives, isolate solutions, and aggressively build an effective, successful, powerhouse team."

Charmaine Stradford
Director, AT&T

"Carol McCall's The Listening Course is a powerful framework for helping people strengthen one of the most misunderstood , but most important , skills, the ability to listen to others and to themselves."

Dr. Matt King, Superintendent of Schools, Wellesley, MA

"We thought it was a technique that we were looking for so we could get what we wanted.
 Yes, we have learned to be better listeners,and yes we have achieved 100% the next level in our business AND it's not by using a technique to manipulate.
It's by walking us through step-by-step
the barriers/challenges foreseen and unseen.
Her business expertise has been invaluable and very "cost effective".
Dr Carol sees the strengths that we didn't always see in ourselves.
She has helped us not only step into but claim the leaders
and business professionals that we have become.
She has helped us walk through things that we thought were truth, but in fact we had made up myths and were holding us back.
We are 100% certain that we have accomplished our goals because of her  extraordinary coaching skills."

E.&R. Grossaint
Natural Cellular Defense Inc.
Boise, ID
  Woman's Course
"...I heard of the Possibility of Woman course and Carol McCall from someone I'd known only briefly.
Two days later I was in a room filled with women who would profoundly change the course and texture of my life..."

Carol Ishimaru, Ph.D., Associate Professor

"Carol has taught hundreds of leaders, including me, how to listen at this evolved level in her live seminars.
The tape series demands to be in every learning institution in the world!"

Richard Brooke, Chairman, CEO, Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc.