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There's A World

Waiting to Be Heard.

The Empowerment of Listening


Listening is a neglected skill.  There is a plethora of courses in the basics of communication skills, reading,writing and  speaking, with very limited courses offered in Listening.

For the past five decades, Dr. Carol McCall has been recognized in the Coaching, Direct Marketing and Network Marketing,    industries as one of the pioneers and masters in the skill of Listening.

Her book, "Listen! There's a World Waiting to be Heard., through case studies and personal stories, reveals the opportunity to discover and practice a profound paradigm shift that allows for authentic communication, true partnership and a lasting and truthful communication exchange.

That change has the power to permanently change

 our lives and the lives of others. 

Dr. McCall has reached more

 than five million people through her coaching and consulting

practices, workshops, speaking engagements and media appearances.

She has dedicated her professional and personal life to the development, training and coaching of individuals and organizations in the area of personal/professional growth and communication.

She has five decades of combined experience as an educator, "edutainer", therapist, business executive, consultant and successful entrepreneur.

She is the founder of The Institute for Global Listening and Communication (IGLC), a pioneer in the field of coaching and communication training.

She is the creator of

The Listening Course, The Possibility of Woman (POWsm) Course and the Life Development Coach in Communication (LDCCsm) life coach training program.

A graduate of Northwestern University, she holds a Masters Degree, a Master Certified Coach (M.C.C.) designation from the International Coach Federation and has completed her PhD in Social Psychology.

Dr. McCall is ardently pursuing her vision of 200 million masterful listeners by the year 2020 so that emerging generations are not destined to repeat social patterns leading to famine, war, poverty, child abuse, racism and human degradation.





Carol McCall, PhD, M.C.C.

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