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Welcome To The Busy Entrepreneur, Coach, Attorney, Sales Professional, Business Executive and everyone who counts on effective communication to make a living!

The Institute for Global Listening and Communication (IGLC) is an international training, coaching and seminar company, founded in 1990 (as The World Institute for Global Listening) by Carol McCall, PhD, M.C.C and anchored  by the belief that "listening" is the single-most important component of any conversation, both professional and personal. 

 It's one mission is "to strengthen relationships one conversation at a time" by using the nine tools of empowered listening which are the foundation, core and heart of our programs .

Dr. McCall and the Institute have set a goal of training 200 million masterful listeners by the year 2020.

Dr. McCall is joined by several Independent contractors, institute associates, certified trainers, coaches-in-training and company officers in the quest to spread the principles of empowered listening through IGLC's public workshops, webinars, corporate clientele, audio series, book sales, articles, radio, TV and speaking engagements.

Headquartered in the northern California, San Francisco Bay Area, IGLC hosts numerous courses/webinars nationally and internationally.  International workshop sites have included The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Australia, Bermuda, Canada, China (Hong Kong) Costa Rica, England, Israel, Jamaica, SouthEast Asia (Thailand,/Phuket), The Bahamas and Scotland.

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